B & B Pygmies

B&B Pygmies Midnight  Storm

Sire:  Old Orchard K.B.

Dam: Spring Vale's Rock-N-Eve+

Old Orchard Blue Sky Boy

2x Best Wether

Sire: Echo Springs Ellis

Dam: Old Orchard Maisy 

Our Wethers

B&B Pygmies Premium Quality

                -6x Best Wether: SILVER Status

Sire: Spring Vale's Quality Control

Dam: Caliche Corral Top 2 Cagney

B&B Pygmies Jack Attack

           1x Best Wether

Sire: MCH PGCH Country Farms Dominating Performance

Dam: Spring Vale's Rock-N-Eve+

Listed from oldest to youngest

Updated: 10/4/20.

B&B Pygmies Henry Ford

Sire:  B&B Pygmies in Honor of Willow

Dam: B&B Pygmies Domunique