B & B Pygmies

Our Jr. Does

Listed from oldest to youngest

Updated: 10/4/20.

B&B Pygmies Willow's Legacy

Sire: B&B Pygmies Make a Wish

Dam: B&B Pygmies Wish Upon a Star

B&B Pygmies Glitter's Grace

Sire: B&B Pygmies Dominic Jr.

Dam: Flying Turtle's Graceful Glitter

B&B Pygmies Friday the 13th

Sire: Old Orchard Elijah

Dam: Caliche Corral Top Ruffles

Hanging Banners Perfect Tins


Dam: Burntwood Farms Tinsley

B&B Pygmies Addison

Sire: Tumbleson Farm Waylon

Dam: B&B Pygmies Attention to Detail